Another blog?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering: what, another Android development blog? Aren’t there enough of those on the Internet already? What’s the point? Why would anyone do that?

Well I had those questions too when I first considered the idea of writing a blog. A new blog does feel redundant compared to the vast amount of knowledge the Internet has to offer on seemingly every topic imaginable.

This changed around the time I heard about a free blogging course John Sonmez was offering. He told me about all sorts of amazing things that happened to him since he started writing his own blog – as well as many other people who did the course and wrote their own blogs. (He’s an awesome guy by the way; if you’re interested, you can check out his blog at – he also has a YouTube channel.)

So what exactly am I going to write in this blog? Well as I mentioned, this is going to be an Android development blog – particularly geared towards Android developer-entrepreneurs or freelancers who wish to make money developing high-quality Android apps. Now I know a thing or two about Android development but I’m certainly no expert, so this blog will serve as my publicly documented learning journey that would hopefully help others as well. And there’s always more to learn.

I hope you find something interesting if you decide to stick around.

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