Stop using your IDE’s drag-and-drop

Think about when you were a beginner at programming, when you were just starting out. Now if your main tool as a beginning programmer was a plain-old text editor like mine was, you probably enjoyed and might still appreciate a more hands-on approach to learning, where you know what’s happening under the hood. Maybe you … Read more

Show a custom crash screen in Android

No one likes it when your app crashes. Many of us as developers do our best to thoroughly test an app before releasing it for everything from random bugs to crashes, and your app crashing after release is probably one of the worst things that could happen post-release. But no matter how much you try … Read more

How to restore your Android Studio project

If you’ve ever entered the wrong Git command (like the dreaded git reset hard command) and lost all your precious uncommitted work, you’re probably familiar with the pain and the feeling of panic. Well if you were using Android Studio, you just might be in luck. Here I’ll show you a neat little feature Android … Read more