How to restore your Android Studio project

If you’ve ever entered the wrong Git command (like the dreaded git reset hard command) and lost all your precious uncommitted work, you’re probably familiar with the pain and the feeling of panic. Well if you were using Android Studio, you just might be in luck. Here I’ll show you a neat little feature Android Studio has that can help you restore your Android Studio project back to a previous point.

In the Project navigation to the left, right click on “app”, then select “Local History” → “Show History”.

You should see the following window.

Here, you can click on the various “checkpoints” that Android Studio made over the course of your project, and you can see changes to individual files and even restore to an older point in time.

Now obviously this isn’t a replacement for a proper file versioning system like Git, but it works just fine if you’re the only one working on a small project as well as for situations like these, so it’s pretty useful to know.

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